Daewon Kim


By happenstance, I encountered the movie, Duel, directed by Steven Spielberg when I was just ten years old. This movie led me to the career path of becoming a filmmaker. An inanimate tanker truck was turned into a lively character, and as a young audience, I felt the infinite power of film.


When I finished my first short film, “The Left-Hander” (16min) which earned the Director Award at the 2001 Pusan-Asia Short Film Festival, I regretted that I was not able to control each single movement and frame of the production. That is the reason why I started having an interest in stop-motion animation production, and why I started working at Tomorrow Animation Company as an editor. Unlike film, with stop-motion animation I am able to control every single frame, because each is made separately. In addition, stop-motion animation is attractive to me because its production procedure is very similar to film production. Also, projects involving the synthesis of human actors and puppets, working in the same frame together, are another fascinating technique that incited my interest in how broad the potential of visual arts can be.


 In the future, one of my goals as a film director or editor is to create visual experiences that allow audiences to enjoy surreal scenes -- which are uniquely possible in films -- while actually revealing a deeper truth about reality through those scenes. This very unique technique of intimately demonstrating a change in a person’s subjective reality can only be found in film. The audience experiences very extraordinary and meaningful moments -- which are impossible in real life -- through these visual methods. In these moments the director can deliver messages using his or her very peculiar imagination. I think this is a beauty that only film and video can produce.

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